Our perception of today’s world is shaped by modern audio-visual media. Let’s try to understand the way we get to know the world around us. In order to achieve this, we need to observe current issues and their representation by media through a unique creative documentary lens.



Here you will find a range of courses, lectures and cycles offered by the Center for Documentary Film in Jihlava. You can choose from lectures held only once which deal with the general nature of things. They focus on the relationship between documentary film and other genre or areas of human activity, or you can choose from a long-term thematic cycles. They devote more time to the problem and examine it in further detail and in a clearly structured manner. The number of lectures and courses we offer is continuously expanding.









What is the concept of the lectures/cycles?

The lectures/cycles are structured as lectures or moderated interviews with interesting professionals and experts on the given subject. The lecture, or interview, is followed by a film screening or a series of illustrative film examples. We choose films according to the guest so that we are able of presenting one directly connected to them. Often times, you can meet the film’s creator(s) and discuss them after the screening.

What is the focus of the lectures/cycles?

The CDF covers a wide range of lecture topics with a primary focus on strengthening literacy in the film, media, and audiovisual field. The primary objective is to encourage younger generations to critically approach media content in today’s world, so that they can analytically process information in connection to aesthetic values and formulate an opinion backed up by arguments. For this purpose, we use the unique and powerful potential of documentary film in these lectures. By providing viewers with a perspective on current issues as well as illustrating basic principles of film art and audiovisual culture at the same time we hope to facilitate informative discussions.

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Where are the lectures held?

The lectures typically are held in the Edison cinema hall in the Dukla cinema, Jihlava (address: Jana Masaryka 20). The students and visitors of the center can explore film culture in a space for which film it is made enabling the screening of films in the highest quality possible. 

When are the lectures held?

The schedule for lecture series and individual lectures are prepared according to the demand of school classes and the timeslots suitable for individual high schools. Upon request, we are capable of reacting quickly throughout the whole year and adjusting the schedule. We try to repeat the lecture at least once on the same day to take advantage of the guest speaker and film in attendance and offer the space to other interested parties. All previous educational events can be found in the archive of events.

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How Much time does one lecture take?

The minimum for one lecture is 90 minutes; however, we will be happy to try to meet your expectations. If the lecture is combined with a film screening and a discussion with the guest speaker, we recommend that you make time for at least 150 minutes for the lecture session.

What is the capacity of the attendance for one lecture?

The Edison cinema hall has 60 seats available. We offer this capacity for one lecture. If there are seats available, we offer them to seniors and the general public.

Where can i find out what upcoming courses are being offered and whether i can attend them?

All scheduled events are displayed on the front page of our website in the Event Program or Archive of events. Here you will find all available dates. You can click on the individual events to find out more about them in the event detail tab. At the bottom of each event detail you will also find information about the number of available seats and you can reserve your spot in the attendance right away by completing a simple form.

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How can i visit course that is not listed in the events program?

There are two ways to attend a course that is not listed. The first is to contact us at and we will arrange it according to your time schedule. The second option is to wait until the course is listed again.

How can I arrange cycle/lecture on demand?

Simply send us your requirements to Please include the following important information in the email:

  • The name of the cycle/lecture
  • Dates and times at which you would like to attend the cycle (we need to know these to arrange guest speakers and films)
  • An estimated number of attendees – how many people will attend the cycle
  • All other requirements that we should take into account when planning the event

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What is the minimum number of attendees for a cycle/lecture to take place?

We hold all events with a minimum of 12 people in attendance. Therefore, they do not need to be held with the guarantee of a school, you only need to get the required number of people who would like to attend the event and you can order the course. 

What should I do if there is no thematic course that strikes my fancy?

Inspire us. We will be happy to prepare a course that would meet your requirements and wishes. Please allow for a longer time period needed to prepare the course and all materials. Therefore, write to us as soon as possible.  

Is there an entry fee for attending the lectures?

Yes. There is a symbolic entry fee that is set as following:

  • Students: 30 CZK
  • Seniors: 35 CZK
  • General public: 45 CZK

A single attendee’s entrance fee covers the cost to attend all additional CDF lectures

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The Center for Documentary Film is preparing a series of thematically linked lectures and screenings for high school students, seniors and the general public. The goal of these educational cycles is to use the unique character of creative documentary film, and film in general, to question key historical and exclusive contemporary topics, thereby, developing critical thinking, enhancing knowledge and providing a better understanding of today’s world saturated by audiovisual media.

Lively discussions with respected experts and professionals- from filmmakers to theorists and educators- provide a space to contemplate different points of view and to enable one to make up his own mind on the issue. Screenings of important international and domestic films will be followed by a discussion and deepen your understanding not only of media trends, styles or genera of contemporary documentary film and the art of film, but also of the problems the world today faces.

In addition to selected lectures and courses, we offer a package comprising of films and books recommended by the CDF (for example HERE) to visitors in order to broaden their knowledge of the relevant topic. All of the titles are available at the CDF for watching or reading at any time during the CDF‘s opening hours



The third annual workshop entitled the Boundaries of Film took place on the weekend of April 9 – 10 2016 in the screening hall of Prague’s FAMU (Smetanovo nábřeží 2).

You can find more about the educational courses which have already taken place HERE.



V rámci dvacátého ročníku MFDF Ji.hlava zapojilo Centrum dokumentárního film do rozhodování o studentských cenách dvě pětičlenné poroty sestavené ze studentů středních a vyokých škol. Více o sestavě porot i jejich rozhodnutích se dozvíte zde.



Kromě Game Zone, veřejné hráčské zóny na Masarykově náměstí, nabízíme během trvání 20. MFDF Ji.hlava ve spolupráci s dalšími jihlavskými institucemi také zábavně-vzdělávací program pro děti od 6 do 11 let. Rodiče budou moci zvolit pro své dítě buď kontinuální třídenní workshop animace v městské knihovně, během něhož se děti seznámí s historií i současností Jihlavy, a pod vedením zkušených lektorů z brněnského kina ART vytvoří vlastní animovaný dokument "Příběh města". Nebo se mohou rozhodnout pro jednorázovou návštěvu některého ze tří vzdělávacích programů v Muzeu Vysočiny, či si vybrat z nabídky dvou výtvarných dílen připravených ve spolupráci s Oblastní galerií Vysočiny.

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