Apolena Rychlíková

Year of birth: 1989
Profession: Producer, Film Director
Country: Czech Republic

Czech documentarian and journalist Rychlíková focuses on socially critical documentaries. Her film Hajek at the Castle, Petr in the House (2011) earned an Animus Award from director Karel Vachek. Her documentary on the phenomenon of cheap labor, The Limits of Work (2017), was named Best Czech Documentary in the Czech Joy section at the 21st Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, and also earned the Film Critics’ Award in the non-cinema category. In 2017, Rychlíková was a laureate of the Open Society Foundation’s Journalism Award in the category of “Best Commentary.”

Apolena Rychlíková

Doc.recommendationThe author is recommending the book from CDF Library: Za filosofii fotografie
The author is recommending the book from CDF Library: Jednou jako tragédie, podruhé jako fraška

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Czech Journal: The Limits of Work2017Czech Republicdirector, writer
Intolerance: The Chill2015Czech Republicdirector, writer
Don’t Give Up: The City’s Clinic2015Czech Republicdirector, writer
If Adolf Hitler Lived There Would Be No Rights for Gypsies2014Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
Don’t Let Yourself Be Bowed!2014Czech Republicdirector
Family2013Czech Republicdirector, producer
Make Some Wish When Government Falls2012Czech Republicdirector
Hájek na zámku, Petr v podzámčí2011Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
Eggs2010Czech Republicdirector, producer, writer, crew

Films in alphabetical order

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