05.10.2018 Ji.hlava for kids: loaded six-day programme at the 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF

The full programme for kids has been released for the 22nd Ji․hlava IDFF (October 25–30, 2018)


Ji.hlava for kids is a festival for our youngest audience  22nd Ji․hlava IDFF offers an exquisite selection of educational, entertaining and creative activities for children themselves or accompanied by parents. 

The entire programme will take place in one building of the Vysočina Regional Gallery on Masaryk Square 24. Following one programme feature, children can join another activity or just rest and watch a screening or play in the children’s zone. And while your children will be having fun during their creative work or educational activities, you can visit one of the festival film screenings. After lunch break, the programme continues from 2 PM as a cocktail of various activities, while you can have a cup of coffee in the Paseka Café directly in the middle of the festival action.

Ji.hlava for kids is free of charge for both accredited and non-accredited visitors. Each kid that wants to take part in any of the programme features will obtain a free festival pass. Please use our registration form where you can specify the profile information for your kids and let us know which activities they can join. Artistic and other workshops have a limited capacity and require prior registration. Other activities do not require registration.


Workshops for kids 


Art workshops 

And much more... :)  

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