Educational courses for kindergartens

We also think of the smallest. On the left you can choose between two short animation series and on the right side you can see offer of film screenings as part of Film education via documentaries programme.

Film education via animation


Short animations 1

Films diverse in terms of genre and style produced by students of Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín introduce our youngest audience to current topics such as ecology, tolerance to other cultures or bullying • adjusted duration of the film series for preschool kids to 57 minutes • Czech dubbing




Short animations 2

A series of short animations providing both the possibility to entertain us and to illustrate knowledge about various genres or raising awareness about social issues. Films combine genres and animation techniques. • adjusted length of the programme for preschool kids to 57 minutes • Czech dubbing

Film education via documentaries


Tiny Giants 3D

Tiny Giants 3D offer an insight into the life of a chipmunk and a prairie hamster from an entirely new perspective. You will see a two-month old chipmunk preparing for its first winter, or a prairie hamster leaving its den and venturing into new adventures in the desert. Inspiration source to discussions themed humans and nature and the cycle of life. • duration 43 minutes • Czech dubbing



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