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Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter

Profese: pedagog

Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter

Benett-Carpenter, Benjamin / Zdroj: https://sollarsassociates.com/

Ben Bennett-Carpenter has taught at OU since 2005, including courses in Writing and Rhetoric, Liberal Studies, and the Honors College.  Bennett-Carpenter is the author of two books and several journal articles including in the Journal of Communication and Religion, the journal Mortality: Promoting the Interdisciplinary Study of Death and Dying, and Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science.  Bennett-Carpenter serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Media Law and Ethics and is co-founder / co-editor of a contemporary poetry publication.  Bennett-Carpenter has served in a number of capacities at Oakland University, including as a member of the First Year Writing Committee; Faculty Mentor to students for the Bachelor of Integrative Studies program; and member of the Grizz Writes and the Writing Excellence Award committees.


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