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Michael Cowan

Profese: profesor

Země: Velká Británie

Michael Cowan

He is Reader in Film Studies at St Andrews University.
His work encompasses film, visual culture and media history, with a focus on European modernity. In both his teaching and research, he is interested in understanding the changing role that images (still and moving, analogue and digital) have played within longer histories of knowledge, selves and governmentality. His approach is highly interdisciplinary, and he is particularly drawn to objects and questions that challenge us to rethink sedimented categories (methodological, intellectual and disciplinary).
Zdroj: st-andrews.ac.uk

Publikace autora

Walter Ruttmann and the cinema of multiplicity

Walter Ruttmann and the cinema of multiplicity

Michael Cowan
259 stran

Winner of the Willy Haas award for best book on German cinema, finalist for the Kraszna-Krausz award in the category of Moving Image, honourable mention in the best book award of the British Association of Film and Television Studies Scholars. By any account, Walter Ruttmann is a towering figure in the history of avant-garde cinema, a pioneer of both abstract experimental film and documentary. But Ruttmann was also the creator of numerous advertising films, industrial films, medical films and--after 1933--Nazi propaganda. In this award-winning study, Michael Cowan reconsiders Ruttmann's work as a whole. In the process, the book reframes our understanding of early experimental film by uncovering the links between abstraction, montage and scientific modes of governmentality that were crucial to mass modernity in both its democratic and fascist variants. [amazon.com]

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