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Ramon Lobato

Profese: pedagog

Země: Austrálie

Ramon Lobato

He is Senior Research Fellow in the Swinburne Institute for Social Research and a lecturer in the Department of Media and Communication. He conducts research on screen and digital media industries, focusing on the international dynamics of distribution, intellectual property, and piracy. He is particularly interested in how digital media circulate -- formally and informally. Zdroj: swinburne.edu.au

Publikace autora

Shadow economies of cinema

Shadow economies of cinema

Ramon Lobato
1 stran

Shadow Economies of Cinema examines how films travel through time and space, both inside and outside established circuits of audiovisual trade. Combining industrial and cultural analysis, this book looks at distribution circuits from across the Americas, Africa and the Asia-Pacific, and explains how they shape film culture in their own image. [amazon.com]

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