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Robert Stam

Rok narození: 1977

Profese: filmový teoretik, filmový historik, literární historik, pedagog

Země: USA

Robert Stam is a University Professor at New York University, where he teaches about the French New Wave filmmakers.Stam has published widely on French literature, comparative literature, and on film topics such as film history and film theory. He wrote with Ella Shohat Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media.Source: wikipedia.org

Publikace autora

Film theory

Film theory

Robert Stam

This book is a lively and provoking introduction to film theory. It is suitable for students from any discipline but is particularly aimed at students studying film and literature as it examines issues common to both subjects such as realism, illusionism, narration, point of view, style, semiotics, psychoanalysis and multiculturalism. It also includes coverage of theorists common to both, Barthes, Lacan and Bakhtin among others. Robert Stam, renowned for his clarity of writing, will also include studies of cinema specialists providing readers with a depth of reference not generally available outside the field of film studies itself. Other material covered includes film adaptations of works of literature and analogies between literary and film criticism. [books.google.cz]

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