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Stella Bruzzi

Rok narození: 1962

Profese: profesor, spisovatel

Země: Itálie

Stella Bruzzi

Stella Bruzzi / Zdroj: UCL

Stella Bruzzi studied English and Drama at the University of Manchester and completed her PhD (‘Trial and Error: The Political Use of Trials in Film, Theatre and Television’) at Bristol. Prior to joining UCL in April 2017, she was at the University of Warwick for 10 years, where she served as Head of the Department of Film and Television Studies and as Chair of the Arts Faculty for 3 years. 1993—2006 she taught at Royal Holloway and 1992—1993 at the University of Manchester.

Stella was a Researcher at BBC Television, first in Bristol (Documentary Features) then in London (Music and Arts), from 1988—1992.

For many years she was a regular contributor to Sight and Sound and has appeared in several television and radio programmes and documentaries.

In 2013 she was made a Fellow of the British Academy.


Source: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/english/people/stella-bruzzi

Publikace autora

New documentary

New documentary

Stella Bruzzi
2006 / 275 stran

New Documentary provides a contemporary look at documentary and fresh and challenging ways of theorising the non-fiction film. As engaging as the original, this second edition features thorough updates to the existing chapters, as well as a brand new chapter on contemporary cinema release documentaries. [amazon.com]

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