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Tynan Sylvester

Profese: spisovatel, animátor

Země: Kanada

"I’m Tynan Sylvester. I’ve been designing games since 2000. The smallest projects I’ve worked on were one-man indie games on which I wrote every line of code and painted every frame of art. The largest was my four years as a level and systems designer on Irrational Games’ 110-person development team making BioShock Infinite.

My most successful indie project is RimWorld. I’m developing it with my indie venture, Ludeon Studios.

I wrote an instructional game design book called Designing Games. It was published in 2013 by O’Reilly Media. The book is an attempt at understanding the emotional heart of games in a way that’s useful to game designers."


Zdroj: https://tynansylvester.com/about/

Publikace autora

Designing games

Designing games

Tynan Sylvester

Ready to give your design skills a real boost? This eye-opening book helps you explore the design structure behind most of todayâ??s hit video games. Youâ??ll learn principles and practices for crafting games that generate emotionally charged experiencesâ??a combination of elegant game mechanics, compelling fiction, and pace that fully immerses players. In clear and approachable prose, design pro Tynan Sylvester also looks at the day-to-day process necessary to keep your project on track, including how to work with a team, and how to avoid creative dead ends. Packed with examples, this book will change your perception of game design. [amazon.com]

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