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Tynan Sylvester

Profese: spisovatel, animátor

Země: Kanada

"I’m Tynan Sylvester. I’ve been designing games since 2000. The smallest projects I’ve worked on were one-man indie games on which I wrote every line of code and painted every frame of art. The largest was my four years as a level and systems designer on Irrational Games’ 110-person development team making BioShock Infinite.

My most successful indie project is RimWorld. I’m developing it with my indie venture, Ludeon Studios.

I wrote an instructional game design book called Designing Games. It was published in 2013 by O’Reilly Media. The book is an attempt at understanding the emotional heart of games in a way that’s useful to game designers."


Zdroj: https://tynansylvester.com/about/

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